Friday, March 30, 2012

It Gets Better, We'll Get Better!

This week (much like all weeks) has been a mixture of highs and lows. 

High: (Saturday afternoon) I saw "The Hunger Games" with 4 of my casa-mates!! I was a huge fan of the books and loved the movie! (I wanted a more concrete ending, but overall was really pleased.)
Low: (Monday morning) I was inappropriately touched at work, decided not to press charges, and had to talk to a counselor.  I took the rest of the day off.
High: (Monday night) Along with the rest of my casa and a few friends, I went to a concert of the band FUN. It was well worth $20, and very FUNky. (We tried to make FUN puns all day!)
Low: Three times this week I was faced with men who all needed some sort of help, but I couldn't help them. Walker needed a case manager to file for Medicare, Wayne needed a case manager to get his current caretaker away from him, and Matt needed a case manager to figure out his situation and give him the best advice possible.  In all three situations, there was nothing I could do that I didn't try.
High: (Thursday morning) Friendship Park went to the zoo!!  120 men and a few staff members went, saw their "relatives" (this was the running joke at the park), and returned before lunch was over!  It was so exciting!
Low: (Thursday morning) I only got to go to the zoo for less than an hour :( Not nearly enough time to see all the animals!
High: (Friday afternoon) Tim took me out driving on real roads! No more parking lot for me!
Bonus: I didn't hit anything!!

The plans for this weekend include hanging out with friends, going to a not-so-surprise going away party for our support person Madonna, and church!

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