Friday, March 16, 2012

Hold On to Your Head When You're Heart is Broken

This week has been challenging and I've been dealing with many losses.

1. I'm going to lose my community member and co-worker two months early.  She is leaving us for a job opportunity that is too good to pass up. 

2. Though I'm uncertain of my future, I am fairly certain I will not be staying at Friendship Park due to an unavailability of job positions.  I really wanted to stay and am completely in love with the work I do, and am sad to realize it will be going away.  I never expected to love it and this place as much as I do and am coping with the fact that it will end.

3. There has been family issues this week.  Until I get further clearance to discuss them, please pray for my family.

On top of all that, it has been raining all week in Sacramento.  It's good for the crops, but not for the guests I work with.  Everyone has been negative, cranky, sometimes even arrogant and hostile. 

When the guests do something that really disappoints me, I tell them, "You hurt my heart."  My heart has been hurting a lot this week.

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  1. Nicole your bog made me sad for you. Although you won't be staying on there, you have learned so much this year and I know something will come up for you. Oh and sorry but it's been in the 80's and sunny here all week....what a switch huh!
    Love ya, Aunt J