Friday, August 3, 2012

Just came to say, Goodbye Love, Goodbye

Today (Friday, August 3rd) was my last day of work at Friendship Park.  I turned in my keys.  I threw out my "holes in soles" gym shoes and ripped/stained jeans I wore everyday there.  I hugged a ton of people. 

And no, I did not cry.

Some say I suppress emotion (which I often do), but today I did not cry because I'm still in shock.

It's shocking that I won't exchange shoes anymore.  It's shocking that I won't monitor sugar in the mornings.  I won't talk with Wayne, get yelled at by Rabbit, play dominoes with Shadeed and Robert, sing with Terry, try to hear and converse with Michael, listen to the ranting of John, drive the golf cart with Tony, avoid Charles, stare down Loman, and watch Issac and Tim throw horseshoes. 

Mostly, I'm shocked by how amazing this year has been, and how much I learned about myself and the world in general. 

I have learned:
-to listen voraciously to other people.  Even if you think it is a mundane subject, it is meaningful!
-to dedicate yourself 100% to the issue at hand, and then let it go. At least you can say you tried.
-to be real with everyone I meet, because the relationship won't matter if you aren't. 
-to be intentional in every aspect in life.
-to try new things and go different places whenever you can!  You never know where it might lead! (Who knew pork belly is the most delicious thing on this planet??)
-walking with people is the important part.  You may never get that electricity turned back on, but I was there to listen, try, and care when no one else was.
-that I matter.  I am no less significant that anyone else, but I am not more important than anyone, either.

There are so many more life lessons that I have learned this year from my community members, friends, Dave, Sister Claire, co-workers, and guests, but I hit on the most important ones.

So I just came to say to goodbye.  This week has been spent saying goodbye to good people, and lastly, to you. 

Thank you dedicated readers.  I am blessed beyond belief.  God truly knew what He was doing by putting JVC in my life!