Friday, May 25, 2012

There She Goes. . . There She Goes Again. . .

I have limited time today, but a blog post was promised, so here it is!! 

Since I posted on Tuesday, there hasn't been too much to comment on, but I'll do my best.

Tuesday was Anne's birthday! We had a talent show at the park where all but one of the acts was appropriate.  I told really corny jokes in between acts! 

Later on Anne's birthday we had salads from a takeout restaurant, gluten free cake balls, had a Glee recap from Anne, and then watched the season finale! Great times!

After work on Wednesday, I went out with Nick, Bridget and Andy. Fun, fun, fun!

Thursday was agenda meeting and community dinner of sandwiches and a corn/bean salad.

And now it's Friday! I'm off to a beer shop in Davis with two of my friends, and tonight is up in the air.  Saturday, I'm having a picnic with my casa.  No other plans except those.  I will work on Monday.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Oops! I did it again! (Forgot to write!!)

Hello readers! sorry for the long delay. . . I've been in Chicago for the past 2 Fridays!! 

It's not Friday today, but I think I owed you an explanation and update.

So let's start from the very beginning, it's a very good place to start.  Sunday, May 6th, til Wednesday, May 9th, I was gone on silent retreat.  IT WAS WONDERFUL!! I cannot emphasize enough how helpful, calming, and just plain awesome it was to be silent! (Though I will admit, I broke my silence [accidentally] when I said, "Excuse me.")  Though I didn't get much direction as to where I'll go next, I definitely got a direction. 

The next day, was off to work again and regular community life.

Then, after half a day of work on Friday, I was off on a plane to Chicago!!  I got in late that night, and the next morning was off to Holy Name Cathedral to see my BFF, Matt, get ordained a Chicago Archdiocesan priest! 

The next day (Sunday) was Mother's day. I got to wear a new dress my mommy bought me, see my mother, both grandmas, and my sisters, along with a plethora of other family members!!  Great day!

Monday and Tuesday were both lazy days, but I got to have lunch with FATHER Matt and dinner with my cousin Stephanie.

Wednesday was a day full of Grandmas, which was absolutely perfect!!

Thursday night I hung out with my college buddies, Brittany and Stephanie!  It was great to see them and get the triumvirate together again!

Friday (May 18th), I had a relaxing lunch with my godmother, Aunt Judy, and spent a little time with my Grandma B, and then had homemade ravioli at my Aunt Mary and Uncle Caz's, with my parents, Aunt Cissy, Aunt Joanne, and the other matriarch, Grandma A!  Homemade ravioli? Perfection!!

Saturday was my nieces' (Charlotte and Amelia's) birthday party! Fun was had by all! It was fantastic to see all my beautiful nieces!!

Sunday was Matt's first mass and reception!  It was so fun to see everyone and be there to share in Matt's happiness and vocation!! It really is humbling (and cool!) to see such a young man on fire for Lord!

That brings me to today, Monday, May 21st.  I boarded a plane this morning and am back in Sac before dinner!  (Modern technology is great!)

I've been so blessed (and am so grateful) to have such wonderful family and friends, and I got to see them all!!  It's been a blast!

Tomorrow is Anne's birthday and a talent show at Friendship Park! (Work, I've been told, was hectic this past week, because myself, Krystal, and the Americorps were all gone!)  It will be good to go back!

Alright, I promise to get back on schedule now, but I wanted to write all that down first!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Step One, You Say, "We Need To Talk."

The blog post titles are song lyrics that pertain to the posts. This post will be in steps, and it has to do with talking. . . but that will become clear later.

Step 1: Yosemite

Last weekend my casa and I went to Yosemite.  It was absolutely perfect!!  I had never slept in a tent before or gone on a hike.  We got to our campsite on Friday night, set up, and made a bonfire.  By midnight we were asleep. We all awoke relatively early on Saturday, went to Yosemite Valley, hiked up the John Muir Trail to Vernon Falls, and then took the Mist Trail down.  (It was about 9 miles round trip, about 4,000 ft elevation difference. . . thereabouts.)

The Mist Trail was terrifying! It was a very soaked set of rock stairs about 2 feet in width, with people coming up and down! (Fun fact: More people have died on the Mist Trail than any other trail. . .) Honestly, it wasn't that bad. I just concentrated on my feet and getting to solid ground more than I took in the views. Good thing for cameras and caring casa-mates!

After this hike we went to Mirror Lake (about a two mile hike) and just rested. Then we went back to our camp, had dinner (hot dogs and chili!) and s'mores! ("First you put the 'mallow" was repeated several times.)

On Sunday we cleaned up our site, and went to hike in Tuolumne Grove, a forest of Giant Sequoias! Alice led us in a tree meditation, which was a perfect end to a great vacation!

Oh, and we saw a bear. Thankfully, we were in a car and the bear would have eaten all the people taking pictures before us.

Step 2: The Work Week

The park was closed on Tuesday (and will remain closed until next Tuesday) for summer maintenance.  I painted all week!!  Though I get frustrated often during painting, it was really relaxing in general. (The shorter hours didn't hurt either!)  It was really tough on the guests, but the park got a much needed spruce!

After work I went to go see The Raven with Krystal, Travis, and Avery. It was great to see a movie. . . even a bad one. . . Another night Travis and I drove to UC Davis to hear Ron Paul speak.  Although it wasn't very audible (the people behind us were quite vocal) it was very interesting to be a part of.

Step 3: The Weekend

Tonight I will be going to "A Concert in the Park" with Cait, some casa-mates, and other Sacramento friends.  Saturday will be a cleaning day (my room is a pigsty!) and probably something fun that night, but no plans of yet.

Sunday morning I will go to church and then . . .

Step 4: Silence

Sunday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon, I will be on Silent Retreat in Northern CA.  That's at least 72 hours of no talking. (We get to talk for an hour a day to our Spiritual Director on Monday and Tuesday, but that's it.)  I have a few books I plan on bringing (including a Bible and a journal) but who knows what I'll do.  (Probably sleep, walk, read, and think.) 

Please pray for me to keep an open heart.