Friday, March 9, 2012

Sleep Well, and When You Dream, Dream of Me

So it's almost midnight on the west coast, but I wanted to write this post before Saturday, because Saturday is our community's technology free day.  I will write a few brief points about this week now, and hopefully expand on them later. . . better yet, call, write or message me for more information!  I would love to hear from people!  (It can be a lonely life out here sometimes, especially since I'm so far away from family, friends, and everything I've ever known!!)

A few points:
-Our JVC program coordinator, Amber, was in this week to meet with us individually to check in.  Our community is good, says the report.
-Alice had her 23rd birthday on Wednesday!!  We celebrated by eating appetizers for dinner and we will be going dancing tomorrow.
-A group of 13 college students spent their spring break volunteering at Loaves and Fishes this week! It was great to have extra help!
-I bought my plane ticket home in May!!!!
-I got my CA driver's permit!! License, here I come!


  1. I won't eleborate. Just look forward to next week's post!

  2. License?! Why didn't you tell me? That's exciting!