Friday, June 29, 2012

Woah-o-o-oh. . .For the Longest Time

Time for our regularly scheduled update!  It's about time, right?

This week has been pretty great! (You could probably already tell that by my witty banter.) 

Saturday I flew back to Sac, and the week started out as pretty lonely.  On Sunday, I had a me day.  I kept to myself and didn't feel like socializing.

Monday I went back to work, and was greeted with open arms!  I'm so thankful to be in such a kind environment- it has definetly made a huge impact on this year!

Tuesday, I met with my spiritual director, Sister Claire, and we discussed grief and mourning.  My Irish half really influences my emotions, and I don't handle any emotion well, particularly grief.  I distract myself with other things (relationships, movies, sleep) so as to not deal with the real issue: losing my grandma.  I took Sister Claire's advice and tried to mourn for the day and next.

Thursday, Krystal (community member and co-worker) left for a job interview!! The company she is interviewing with paid for her travel and hotel accomodations, and she'll be back on Saturday.

Though this is great for her, this is terrible for the park.  Molly (co-worker that handles a bunch of stuff at the park) is also off this week and next, and now with Krystal gone, it was particularly hard wiuthout them.

Today, not only was Molly and Krystal gone, but another co-worker, Mark, took the day off.  So we were down 6 members of staff!!  (Jim, the co-director left in May; Anne left at the end of May; Boyd ((street monitor and all around great guy)) has been in the hospital for three weeks with a serious infection; and now Molly, Krystal, and Mark.)

Let me set the scene at 7:00am today:  It's the last day (the most crowded day at the park), there are about 700 (if not more) people in the park and the only staff are Tim, Rod, Richard, Garren, and I.

Oi vey!

Thankfully, Jackie (staff) and Cameron (summer volunteer) showed up about 10 minutes into the day, but there was a moment of panic!

Because government checks are distributed during the day, not many people stick around after lunch, so we all got to breathe.  It was a very tough day, but we made it through without many incidents: only one fight and one arrest.

Now, I'm thinking about napping and then dancing with friends tonight!  A slight hike in Tahoe tomorrow, and lazy Sunday are all that's on the agenda. 

Only 5 more posts left!!

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