Friday, June 22, 2012

Gentle Woman. . . Teach Us Wisdom, Teach Us Love

So I did not have a blog post last Friday.  I was buying a plane ticket home, and I flew to Chicago the following morning.

Saturday night I was with my dying grandmother, Peggy.

She passed a little after midnight. . . Father's Day.

This week has been filled with funeral/family activities, and hasn't been much fun.

This morning, June 22nd, was her funeral.

A luncheon/party followed.  It was filled with fun, laughter, memories, family and friends.

I've never been much of an emotional person. . . Well that's not true.  I am an emotional person, but I'm just not good at showing it. Or writing about it.  Give me a couple more days.

Thank you to everyone who has been kind, sent prayers and condolences, and has comforted me and the other members of my family this  past week.

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