Friday, June 8, 2012

Don't Worry 'Bout, Don't Speak of Doubt. . .

What to say about this week?

Last Friday was the Cubs game. . . Super exciting, but Cubs lost. Other JVs from the southwest region were in the seats directly in front of us!!!  It was a JVC miracle!  So fun to get to see them!

Saturday and Sunday was a whole lot of nothing. I've been worried about my casamates, the future, my present. . . which has resulted in being uber anxious/restless all week, and it started then.

But I found ways to keep myself busy, with the pinnacle being dinner last night!  On Sunday I made homemade pasta, and yesterday I made homemade sauce, caprese (actually all the slicing was Kathleen), and angel food cake with real whipped cream and strawberries.

Other activities this week have included meditation, gardening, reading, cleaning. . . you know, the usual JVC activities.

Work has been really relaxed (thank goodness) but still busy this week.  We have been short staffed, but the new crop of summer volunteers will be coming in soon, so I won't be so busy at work.

Laura's triathlon (Escape from Alcatraz) is Sunday.  So other than cheering her on, no other plans have been made.

Keep your thoughts and prayers with my family, namely my dad (it is Carnival time at my church and he's in charge!) and my Grandma B.


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