Friday, January 20, 2012

We're gonna party like it's your birthday!

Yes, it is my 24th birthday tomorrow (January 21st).  Birthdays have never been that big of a deal for me, but I do like to feel special!  Today at work, I felt very special!!  I went out to lunch with Garren and had a little emotional check-in, I was sung "Happy Birthday" two times over the intercom, and I was wished a happy birthday at least a hundred times!  Not to shabby!

Birthday plans are as follows:
-Attend a wedding of two of the guests at the park
-Dinner with casa at a nearby restaurant
-Drinks at a local karaoke bar to follow!!! (The karaoke is what I'm really looking forward to!)

Fantastic highlight of the week:

During the Christmas season, Mustard Seed School was given a very generous donation by Sacramentans to purchase shoes.  The had some surplus money, and generously gave the park $400 in Wal-Mart gift cards, just for shoes!  My casamate Kathleen (who works at Mustard Seed) and I went to buy them.  Unfortunately, as we approached the register, all their systems failed, and we could only use cash.  The woman ahead of us in line saw our odd cart piled high with shoes and asked us about it.  After hearing where we worked and what we did, she pulled out all of her cash and offered to buy as many as she could- over $100 worth! Thanks Babette! (If the systems weren't down, she would of paid for them all!) After her kind gesture she said, "We all have to remember how lucky we are!"

Here, here Babette!

I'm lucky to live in a great house with a phenomenal casa, have a great job with loving co-workers, have a fantastic family and wonderful friends, and be alive! 

24 is going to be a great age!


  1. Happy Birthday Nicole :) (tomorrow) It sure sounds like a fun filled day tomorrow, Enjoy. Love, Aunt J
    That was a beautiful thing Babette did, kudos to her.