Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Hate Technology. . . but Not as Much as You, You See

So the major event of this week has been the rain.  In normal winter climates, places get snow.  We get rain, more like torrential downpours!  The rain started last Friday, continued through the weekend (minus my birthday) and stopped Monday night.  Not only was it unpleasant to be in the rain, but I exchanged so many shoes!

This is why I hate technology.  I didn't bring my camera to work (nor did anybody else) but the 100+ wet shoes were a sight to behold!  I took a picture with my phone to show you lovely viewers, but I cannot get it to my computer! Oh well.  Imagine a bookshelf full with wet shoes smashed in, and that's what this picture looked like.  Then add mildew, mud, shoe odor, and wetness, and this is what it smelled like.

I also hate technology this week because I'm starting to job search/find a path in life.  I made a vow not to think about the future until February. . . I almost made it.  I have not applied for any jobs or updated my resume, yet.  I am thinking about non-profit work, more volunteer work, or continued education, but I am overwhelmed.  I've been glued to my computer for the past week and it feels awful.  If you have any suggestions for my future, please let me know!  I'm always very interested in others' opinions.
This blog post is a day early due to the fact that I will be going to re-orientation tomorrow! We will be re-dedicating ourselves to this service year and examining more social justice issues in depth.

I'll tell you how it goes next post!!


  1. Hi Nicole, After our parish mission last where Fr Tom talked about vocations my suggestion that seems to fit the bills for non-profit, volunteer and continuing education is to look at religious life or a lay ministry position. Pray about it.
    Aunt Cissy

  2. Thanks Aunt Cissy- Prayer is truly comforting!