Friday, January 13, 2012

Superstition Ain't the Way

Nothing too terrible happened this week, just the usual terribleness with very little positive to balance it out :( 

But I'm trying to be optimistic (though it doesn't always work) so I'll mention the highlights:

1. I came back!!! It was good to be in my casa again, with my casa-mates, and back at work.
2. A loud and wonderful guest, Janine, is getting married on my birthday! It is my birthday present to myself to be there!
3. My casa had great spirituality and community nights this week, complete with our support people, Madonna and Larry!
4. Our casa (Casa Ignatius of Loyola) had a fun community meal with the other JV casa in Sacramento, Casa Jane Adams!
5. Beth and Tom are on their way here! I'll hopefully get to see them Monday!
6. A JV house in San Francisco is having a MLK party tomorrow! Alice, Anne, and I will be attending, and the others in our house are going to Santa Monica for a frisbee tournament!
7.  It's Friday! (and the 13th at that!)

Have a great weekend; I hope I have a good one too!

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