Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas. . . Not!

From the blog post title, you, clever readers, can ascertain that in fact, it doesn't look like Christmas around here.  Loaves & Fishes and Casa Iggy have pulled out their decorations, but have not decorated with them, yet.  (I am in charge of decorating the park on Monday and we will decorate our house tomorrow.)  I doubt even after we decorate that it will look like Christmas.  Sacramento hasn't had snow in 11 years.  It was about 60 degrees today, and I worked in jeans and a long sleeve shirt.  (Be jealous!) 

A few things of note-worthiness happened here:
1. After a fun Thanksgiving weekend, it was time to go back to work.  Monday was difficult for everyone!
2. It was my turn to host our community night on Tuesday.  Since Krystal was missing and our community was not complete, I focused on something light-hearted: jewelry making! All the girls learned to make earrings and kept their treasures! Fun was had by all!
3. Krystal (and her parents) came back to Casa Iggy on Wednesday. . . with a car!! (It almost seems odd having one after going without for 4 months!)  We cannot wait to take a casa vacation!
4. Thursday was the first of the month, so the park was pretty empty (only about 600) compared with the day before, when we had 840 guests. The Winter Overflow shelter also opened, so at least 90 people have shelter this winter!
5. Today, the park held a memorial service for Steven, the man who passed away over 2 weeks ago.  It was my first memorial service I attended in the park, and the love, kindness, and true sincerity of the guests overwhelmed me.  It was very moving.

I'm looking forward to dinner tonight made by Krystal's parents, and then karaoke tonight!  Saturday is decorating day, and Sunday, we are going to the 49ers football game in San Francisco!  A fun weekend indeed!

P.S.- Next Friday is the Casa Iggy Christmas Party, so I will not be posting until Saturday.

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