Friday, December 30, 2011

Faithful friends (and family!) who are dear to us. . .

I'm home!! I couldn't be more excited!  I get to see my cherished family and bestest friends, and have a good ol' time! 

Christmas eve/Christmas festivities were sure different with only Krystal and I in the house, but we had some great times: Christmas Eve church service, dinner with co-workers and then mass at the Cathedral, Christmas breakfast, work, and then over to Chris and Dan Delany's (the founders of L&F) for Christmas dinner. Christmas wasn't too crazy at the park. Only 600 people were there and a few extra volunteers stood in so the staff could take a day off.

Some great news from the park: Kenny, Richard, and Country found housing, and Jesse won his SSI case and gets back pay! (Yay!) 

Some bad news from the park: I lost my temper two days in a row.  Not proud moments for me.  Fortunately, one of the guests I blew up with accepted my apology and our relationship is just like it always was. 
Also in bad news, Safeground (the want-to-be tent city) got ransacked by the police.  Over 150 people were displaced, but they kept their tents and belongings.  20 hotel vouchers were made available, although most can't qualify for them.  The city also says it has an additional 60 beds in a shelter available, but that isn't enough.  For the full report from Sacrament newspaper click here.  I know the mess that I left in, and I pray for the people and our staff that will have to deal with it.  (The backlash from this will still be there when I return.)

But I'm so grateful I get to be home! I get to share in Christmas, birthday parties, New Year's Eve parties, sleepovers and hang out time with family and friends!  Yesterday, three of my nieces (the other were sick), two of my sisters (the other one stayed home with her girls), and my mom and dad surprised me at the airport!  We had impromptu family dinner, and today, we're off to celebrate family Christmas!  The rest of the week is booked solid, but I'm still trying to squeeze in as much time with my dear ones as I can.

Talk to you in the new year!

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