Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oh Come All Ye Jesuit Volunteers. . .

Well, a correction is in order. . . Today (Saturday) is our Casa Iggy/ JV party, not yesterday.  Yesterday was a Loaves & Fishes Christmas party, followed by the Newman Catholic Center (on Sacramento State University) Christmas party. I was still unable to write a blog post due to primping.

This week's main feature has been prepping for our Christmas party!  While 5 of us in the casa were gone at the 49ers game all Sunday, Anne and Laura stayed back to decorate.  When I eventually arrived home after a 5 hour gridlock, I turned on the lights in our house and CHRISTMAS EXPLODED! They have both described the day as "the scene in Elf." 

Casa Iggy sans 2 (Tessa, Krystal, Alice, Kathleen and me) tailgaiting at 49ers game with numerous Sacramento friends

The rest of the week had the normal features (community night, spirituality night, meals together) with a Christmas spin!  We went down to the Capitol building and saw the tree lighting ceremony, and the mayor and governor were there!  We played cards, went shopping, cooked, and cleaned almost all week. 

Tonight is going to be awesome! Almost half (about 40) of the JVs in the Southwest region are coming!

But with all this hustle and bustle, I have to still mention my job! Have I mentioned how much I love it?  This week has made me truly realize how blessed I am (being in Sacramento, living with wonderful casa-mates, working at the park, being a part of Loaves & Fishes, being a JV!)  My true highlight of the week was hysterical! My story telling is better in person, but I will try writing this . . .

When you work in the park, you tend to get a ton of compliments, creepy as they may be. I met Al near the office and he needed shoes.  He immediately asked me, "Has anyone told you how pretty you are today?" He kept telling me how "pretty" I was.  Like I said, that's quite normal in the park, so I shrugged it off. When I took Al into the office, he saw Molly, another green hat worker in the park.  Without blinking he exclaimed, "Molly! You're f***ing beautiful!" Being a little incensed, I said, "She's f***ing beautiful, but I'm just pretty? Thanks, Al!"  It was a great moment!

I'm taking my "pretty" self and doing more prep work for the party tonight.  A great time will be had by all!

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