Friday, August 26, 2011

No tears (no fears)

This week has been more difficult than last week, but it's still a wonderful experience!  I'm still learning the little rules of the park, and, unfortunately, two of the older "green hats" will be leaving next week.  ("Green hats" are the workers. We have to wear these evergreen visors.  I look like a McDonald's worker in case you need a visual.)  I got my first hug (from a grandfather figure- super nice, old man) and my second (creepier) hug was from an older gentleman.  (Don't worry, they were both side hugs and I told them that hugs are inappropriate.)  I was also told I was "the cool one" from my "brother," Robert (60+), and who will accompany me to Christmas in Chicago, or so he says.  (I'm going to stay for Christmas, but will be home in time to celebrate the Anzy Christmas.) 

Besides the usual of playing dominoes with Shadeed and Robert (my "brother"), rolling cigarettes with Larry and his crew, and playing chess with random people, I also handed out the sugar for morning coffee, worked at the service center a little each day, learned about the library program, and delivered a feral cat to the pound with Jackie.  I was given some odd compliments, taught a little about how to deal with conflicts from Green hat Larry, and learned a few more names: Eric, Bruce, Quentin, Qumar, Krystal, Terry, Cynthia and George, Birdie and Willy, Mitch, Arkansas Tim, Dave, Charles, and about 20 more. 

I think this week is going to be like most- random duties and plenty of conversation.  One thought that I particularly dwelt on this week was "trying to find the God in everyone."  I know it's going to be a big theme this year, but at least I started early!

Stat of the week: Loaves & Fishes served over 14,000 lunches so far in the month of August.

P.S.- If you could leave me comments on what you guys want to hear more about, it would be most appreciated.
P.P.S.- No tears yet.


  1. Nicole, I love reading about your week. That is great how many your org. is serving.

  2. I love that you comment Aunt J!

  3. Hi Nicole... WOW!! I am sorry that I haven't checked out your "blog" before this! I feel sooo excited for you in this adventure. I am convinced that this will be the BEST year of your life, although it most likely will be the hardest year, also! It is very rewarding work that you are doing, but it is also very "Emotionally draining"! WE ARE PRAYING FOR YOU! KEEP LOOKING UP!!! :)

  4. Hello............trying to post a comment is AWFUL!!!! Good thing I love you Nicole!

  5. YAY!!!!! I can finally post!!!!!!!!!! I am waiting on pins and needles for your next post tomorrow~~~ And, I still owe you a call, life has been very busy:) Love you!