Friday, August 12, 2011


Hello everyone!  I got to my new casa (Casa Ignatius of Loyola, fondly called Iggy for short) yesterday after a busy week of Orientation.  There are 85 volunteers just in Arizona and California; 350, worldwide.  So camp was packed- not just with people, but also ideas, lectures, mass, prayer services, silent time, casa time, and WONDERFUL food!  (Never in my life have I ate so healthily and good for so long! But it wasn't as good as mom's food.) 

So now I'm "home," living with six other girls.  Iggy is GINORMOUS! (I think it might be bigger than home, but I don't know the square footage.)  We have 9 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, front and back porches, 10 foot ceilings with crown molding, and new mattresses, flooring, and a couch.  (We have all other furniture as well, but it isn't new.)  One of the great things about this house, is that we are completely spoiled! Not only do we have a beautiful house, but we have everything you can imagine! Books, movies, towels, sheets, spices, a full pantry, bikes, even a motorized scooter! (The only thing we don't have is a car, but we have several people willing to loan us theirs, and we're near public transportation, too.)  I feel guilty because we are supposed to be living in poverty, but then I see my paycheck and I feel better. . .

I'm so excited to start work!  We don't start until Monday, but today we are all heading down to work (we work in the same vicinity) to get to know the area, supervisors, and most importantly, guests.  It will be tough year, but not nearly as tough on me as it is on them.  Perspective is something that I'll be working on this year, as well as several other values.  Stay tuned for more!

(P.S.- I'll probably be updating this blog every Friday.)

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  1. It was so good to read your blog from yesterday Nicole, I'm sure it was a crazy week for you, I am glad you like your new home, it sounds wonderful. I look forward to reading your blog next friday. Have a great week. Aunt J