Friday, August 19, 2011

It's been one week (since you looked at me)

My first week of work is over and I'm overwhelmed; overwhelmed with awe, shock, sadness and hope.  This year is going to be so rewarding, but challenging, as well.  Just in the past week I've learned the basic rules, tried to remember names, played a few games, and rolled a few cigarettes with Larry.  I've met Chris from Florida, Martin from Kenya, Steven who was a history teacher, numerous Larrys, Bobs, and Davids.  I played dominoes with Robert and Shadeed, chess with Felix, and learned backgammon from Viking.  I've made Vernon feel special by remembering his name, and David laugh by singing a song.  I've filled out papers with Charles and his friend. I'm trying to see God in everyone I meet, and I just want to thank Him for letting me meet these people that I wouldn't have met without this experience (including my amazing co-workers and bosses!)

This week has also been a ton of fun at my casa!  We've had community meals, a community and spirituality night, a few funny stories (thanks to me taking a nap one night and waking up thinking it was the morning!), and a few new friends.

I'm excited to see what God has in store for next week, though I've heard it will be hard.  (On Monday, the three of us who are new to Friendship Park, received a ten minute orientation from our bosses, Jim and Garren.  They had many nuggets of wisdom, and one was, "Your first week, you'll walk around in shock.  The second week, you'll cry.") 

Well, the casa-mates and I are headed to a free concert downtown and are going to visit Old Sacramento tomorrow.  I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: this year will be an adventure!

P.S.- congrats to my friend Matt who finished the summer program for Mundelein in LA, and also congrats to my uncle Hank Anzelone (who got me my start at People's Resource Center) on the wonderful article written about his service at the PRC! 

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  1. Nicole, sounds like it surely will be a wonderful experience for you. I am glad you are putting in your blog for us to read. I look forward to next week's blog.