Friday, February 24, 2012

Is There Anyone Out There? ('Cuz it's getting harder and harder to breathe. . .)

I was just rifling through my old posts and I haven't had any comments for the last few posts! It's difficult to write this when I feel no one is reading it!  Oh well, I'll write it anyway.

The winds have been blowing here in Sacramento! (I almost titled this post "The Answer, My Friend, is Blowing in the Wind.")  Other than the wind, the weather has been beautiful! It reached 70 degrees yesterday, which sort of makes me nervous for the summer.  It has been the lowest rainfall count in years, and the farmers are hoping for rain all March to save their crops.  Rain is a mixed blessing- good for crops; bad for people.  Because I work outside, I'll get soaked, but all the guests I work with have an extremely tough life when it is raining.  In time we shall see!

All the families are gone, but Tessa is out of town, so our community still isn't a community :(  But it will be soon!

A few stories I heard this week:
-Jon wants badly to go home to Seattle, but seems to be stopped at every financial obstacle. 
-Larry is getting into housing soon. He has his bags packed at the shelter and is just waiting for the call!
-Mark the blue hat (a part-time worker) is getting his book of poems published!
-Alfredo still hasn't been released from jail, and Phoenix is getting more and more scared every time I see her.
-Wayne was so proud of himself today when he passed up the sweets in the breakfast line! His diabetes thanks him!

Highlight of the week:
A senior photography major at Sacramento State University chose to do his senior project on the people at Loaves and Fishes.  All week he has been taking portraits of the children and their families, the women, and the men.  He will compile these pictures into an exhibit at his school, but first he will give everybody a copy of their picture!  Everyone is so excited to have a picture of themselves!


  1. I love that someone is doing a photoshoot at Loaves and Fishes. There's this movement happening now called Help Portrait that's all about giving homeless men and women a photo of themselves and their families. It's really cool and a lot more beneficial than I ever thought it would be. All from a picture!