Friday, February 17, 2012

You are Loved!

One of my favorite vocalists is Josh Groban, and it doesn't hurt that he's easy on the eyes!  He has a song titled "You are Loved" which is a small anthem in my life.  When I left for JVC, my mom's best friend, Mary O'Connor, gave me a Celtic heart necklace to remind me I am loved.  I wear it most days to work (the exceptions being when I wake up with 10 minutes to get ready) and it has gotten a bit tarnished already.  Whenever I wear it, I hum that song in my head.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day, and as Cher and many others have sang, "Love was in the Air."  (The lyric is actually "Love is in the air" but I had to have verb agreement.) Nothing awful happened at the park and everybody was happy.  It was especially windy, but that only reminded me of home! 

The week at the park has been relatively uneventful, as has life at the casa.  Same old, same old!  Parents have invaded the house- Tess's mom came in last night, Laura's parents came in this morning, and Kathleen's parents and siblings will be here in a few minutes! Everyone (except for Krystal and I) will be gone this weekend, and we have the house to ourselves! Chick flicks and hot cocoa- here we come!

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