Saturday, October 22, 2011

We're all in this together. . .

It's Friday here and this week has been pretty good!  The usual happened here: got cussed out and guests cheered me up, worked sugar almost every day, did random jobs like cleaned the dishes for 700 people in the dining room . . .

What I really want to talk about is my spirituality and community nights.  Theses two events happen weekly and really help to bond us.  We have a rotation for spirituality nights and do a random activity on community nights.

For spirituality nights we have talked about our concept of God, prayer, spirituality in general, prayed the rosary as a community, etc.  This week we watched a documentary titled "They Killed Sister Dorothy."  A nun in South America fought for environmentalism and integrated her spirituality in it.  We discussed what we thought about the movie, what we integrated our spirituality with, the political and spiritual ramifications of environmentalism, and so forth.

Our house is beyond awesome, but a little sterile compared to the other JV houses we have seen, so for community night we wrote down our favorite quotes and put them around the house.   It was a great de-stresser and I found out that my casa-mate Laura loves Elf just as much as I do!!  (We have quotes from political figures, popes, the Bible, movies, song lyrics, poems, and others.  On previous community nights we have talked about a typical day of work for us, played games, gone to events, and stuff like that.  We typically take the house's temperature and see what we need that week, be it a stress reliever or something a little more in depth.

If you have any suggestions for community or spirituality nights, let me know.  We have a resource booklet for both, but are always open to new ideas.  This coming week's community night is a Casa Iggy photo shoot for Christmas cards we are going to send out!!

(Last night [Friday] was a Loaves and Fishes Volunteer Appreciation Banquet where Friendship Park and Mustard Seed School put on a skit.  I played Lucy Ricardo after Vitameatavegimin and Donald Trump.  Looks like all those theatre hours payed off, huh Ma?  I was told it was good but video proof has yet to be seen.)


  1. Sorry about the day mixed up. I wrote the majority of the post on Friday before the banquet, and the rest on Saturday morning.

  2. Love your blog!! I love reading about all the things that happen out there at L&F! Praying for you!!

  3. Nicole that sounds like a great skit, I am sure you were brilliant.

  4. that was me (Aunt J)I am not sure why my name didn't post but anonymous

  5. Thanks Monica and Aunt J! By the way, I don't have your skype names, and I would love to skype with you!!