Friday, October 14, 2011

Keep your thoughts nice and lush. . . Wait. . .

Hey everybody!   I've had so many comments this week that people read my blog, but can't/don't post, so I'll just assume you are reading this! 

My parents came in this week!!  They came in on Wednesday (thanks to Aunt Mary and Uncle Caz) and and will be with me until Sunday.  Then they are off to Napa 'til Tuesday and then home.  (Thanks to Beth for making all the reservations!) 

I'll post a real post when my parents are gone, but until then, I just want to soak up some family time.  I'm sure you understand!

Check back on Monday!


  1. Hi, I'm one of your relatives in Redondo Beach, California. Nice blog. Tell your mom my mother and I said hello. :)

  2. Oh! You are one of Barbara's kids?

  3. I'm sorry I don't keep up on reading your blog as often as I want...I'll try to be better about checking it more often.
    I picture Loaves and Fishes to be a little like Pads. The local suburban churches each take a day of housing the homeless between October and April. I figure Loaves and Fishes to be a "more glorified" version in that its run daily and not just once a week. Uncle Caz volunteers at Pads and goes in the morning after Pads and helps clean up and sanitize everything. I know he comes home very tired and awed by the people who "live" there. He said its especially sad to see families. Please take care of yourself! As I said...I'll try to check in more often.