Friday, October 28, 2011

We are family. . . I've got all my sisters and me!

This week has had a little unpleasantness, mostly due to the fact that I just want to be home.  A little homesickness crept in early in the week, and I needed to hug my family.  Most of my roommates have also had a bad week and a general yucky feeling settled on the house. One of my co-workers (Mark) noticed I was having a rough week.  He reminded me that I now have two families- the one I came from, and Friendship Park!  I'm not a touchy person, but I immediately hugged him!

Speaking of family, my roommates and I always joke about being sisterwives!  It's odd how true it is.  We hang out together all the time and share everything including money- that's what being in a community means! Depending on one another. 

To deal with my recent yuckiness, one of my roommates (Laura) and I went out on Wednesday to a fantastic Chicago style pizza restaurant, called "The Chicago Fire."  (Bad name, I know.)  We had a great time, just talking and eating stuffed pizza just like Nancy's.  On Thursday, I then went out thrift store shopping for Halloween costumes with roommate Krystal and found the most comfortable nightgown- a long sleeve, cotton, floor length night shirt.  It was only $2 and it makes me incredibly happy!  I've learned to appreciate the little things- and the great things like my roommates and family of co-workers!

I'm off to celebrate Friday with my new found family! (But I still miss my family back in Chicago!)


  1. I miss you!! I am happy that you are learning though. I am sure you will come back a more matured lady <3

  2. Nicole I am sending you virtual hugs (((())))xoxoxo. So glad you have a caring family with the group you work with. Love that you still find great deals at your thrift shops.:)
    Love, Aunt J