Friday, April 20, 2012

NorthCal is Where my Mind States (But It's Not my State of Mind)

Seeing my family and a few friends last week was such a blessing! I saw most of my mom's side at my cousin Susie's wedding (Congrats!), my grandma B, my aunt Judy and her family, all my sisters and their husbands (sans Tom) and daughters, my mom and dad (of course!!) and friends Brittany, Sarah, Matt, and Bill.

What more could I ask for from a week vacation?

I got back to Sacramento on Wednesday night, and went to work the next morning.  Sadly, there had been numerous fights, threats, assaults, and substance abuse.  The bosses decided to shut the park down for Friday in an attempt to curb bad behavior.

Today gave me an excellent chance to catch up on the work I missed and have some fun time, too!

Tomorrow will be bicycle day at the park!!  There is a junior high school about an hour away that makes and repairs bikes as a part of the curricular.  When the students finish a bike, they can choose to keep it or donate it to Loaves & Fishes.  Some of the students are taking a field trip to L&F tomorrow to raffle them away and help the guests repair their current bicycles. It will be a great day!!

As for plans this weekend. . . hm.  I'm just going to Bike Day tomorrow at the park and an Eve 6 concert on Sunday with friends Nick and Bridget!!  No other endeavors have been premeditated, but I'm sure something fun will happen!

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