Friday, November 11, 2011

1, 2, 3, 4, tell me that you love me more. . .

I have had this song stuck in my head all week!  And it's no wonder- this week has definitely been loving!  The last two weeks were "blah."   I was feeling a mixture of homesickness, regular sickness (mainly a runny nose), and overwhelmed at work because we didn't have much cold weather gear.  But this week was SO much better!

Why? Here's 4 reasons:

1. Truthfully, I'm really not homesick this week.  I miss my family dearly, but with all the excitement Casa Iggy has been having and planning, I feel at home here too!

2. I have a great Sacramento family: co-workers, bosses, friends, and random people who are willing to help! Two examples: There were four of us who wanted to go to a documentary play about refugees, but tickets were $10. A random woman paid for us to go and my co-worker gave us her car to use for the weekend! In addition, my boss, Garren, took all of us at the park (about 30) out to dinner tonight! He's also taking the JVs to see the new Twilight movie after we have a Twilight saga movie marathon at his house.

3. Casa Iggy has been really together this week! We normally are on our game, but this week was especially awesome!  We had great community meals, a good spirituality night and a fantastic community night about the Occupy movement.  In addition, we got a wonderful (and giant!!) food box from the warehouse, so we've had really good food!

4. It's really difficult to turn guys away who are in desperate need of shoes or gloves because you don't have any.  We ran out of gloves early in the week, but we got a large donation of shoes and boots (most NEW!) on Monday.  There have only been three guys all week I couldn't help, but I'm going to keep trying.  Thank you to all those who have donated shoes! Hopefully I'll get them next week and I'll be able to help those guys (and many more!) out!

Here's a final story- Last blog post I told you about Sam, the guy who has been asking for shoes for the past three weeks.  Well, WE GOT HIM SHOES!  With the plethora of new shoes that came in, he got ones to fit.  However, Beth sent a special pair just for him, but it got here a few days too late.  Instead, the shoes went to a guy who just got out of jail.  He had on jail shoes, which are just canvas and thin soles. (Basically, the cheapest and worst things ever.) The shoes were even the same brand that he had before he went!  He was incredibly happy, and remarked about "feeling human again."

Yup, great week!


  1. Nicole, that was a wonderful upbeat blog. That is great how many people you and your group serve. I love the song stuck in your head and now in mine..1,2,3,4 ...I love you more.

  2. Love that last story. I shared it with the coworker who donated the shoes, and he was humbled. It's really amazing to watch this ripple effect of all the hard and good work you're doing!!! Smooches, Beth