Friday, September 30, 2011

What a Wonderful (and Small) World. . .

The head honcho at Loaves & Fishes is a Sister of Mercy, Sister Libby.  Since Aunt Suzanne is a nun with Holy Cross, I thought there would be little cross-over.  This week I met the founders' sister, a nun with Holy Cross, too!  She knew Aunt Suzanne!  I also exchanged voice mails with my Aunt Terri's niece, Alice.  And on another family note, my parents are planning to visit from October 12th-16th!!  I'm so excited to have family! 

The week has been pretty routine- no crazy fundraisers or carnivals.  The average day last month had 730 guests, and this month's average was 767.  Not a huge increase, but an increase nonetheless.

My lovely sister, Beth, reminded me that this blog doesn't have to be a diary of Friendship Park.  It can also be about me.  Due to the "routine-ness" of FP, I'm going to write a list of things I'm thankful for (in no particular order):

1. My bosses/co-workers.  (If ever I need protection/back-up, they're there.  I have had an overly friendly guest the past few weeks;  I handled the situation in the beginning, but Garren reminded him of my boundaries.)
2. My casa-mates and their willingness to communicate.  All things can be appropriately dealt with once communication is in play!
3. MY FAMILY!!  (Do I even need a reason?!)
4. Sacramento weather. (I'm not grateful for my farmer's tan, but grateful that it never rains!)
5. The Richards. (The two men that work at the warehouse in Loaves & Fishes are both named Richard.  They send us home with any supplies we need [shampoo, toilet paper, etc.] and give us plenty of food whenever we ask!)
6. Money. I know I have committed to "simple living," (and I am) but it hardly feels like it!  There is always plenty of food on the table, a roof over my head, and a warm bed to sleep in.  True, I'm not going to see the latest movies or buying the newest clothes, but somehow, everything works out alright!
7. Last but not least, GOD! I was recounting my story of picking JVC and the park to someone, and I couldn't believe how providential it all sounded.  I knew I was meant to be here, and God orchestrated it!  (So thanks Dude!)


  1. Love it!!! Great talking to you yesterday! :)

  2. Nicole, I love how you describe your week, I can picture it all so clearly.