Monday, September 5, 2011

Saturday in the Park (and the rest of Labor Day weekend!)

So this Labor Day weekend has been eventful, so I thought I'd share some pictures!  (I'm not big on pictures, so these have been stolen from my casa-mates!) 

I have a bunch of pictures to share (not just from this weekend) so I'm going to try to keep the writing short. 

Rundown of the weekend:
Friday: out with a few other volunteer kids in the area (Mercy Corps and ACE)
Saturday: watched a frisbee tournament at the Newman Center on Sac State campus, went to Chalk it Up as a casa
Sunday: farmer's market, went to Old Sacramento for Gold Rush Days and visited the Railroad museum, went across the Sacramento bridge, mass and dinner at Newman center, game night at Molly and Becca's. (They are two of the JVs from last year at Casa Iggy who stuck around)
Monday: nothing now, but some of us are planning on going to a nearby public pool, an autism awareness concert at the capitol building, mass and BBQ at the Jesuit community.

My casa-mates: Me, Tessa, Krystal, Alice, Anne, Laura, Kathleen
Casa Iggy!!

Justin (an ACE kid, who went to school with Kathleen!)

Chalk it up!

The outside squares had to be paid for, but the small sidewalk squares inside the park were free to the public! The more artistic ones drew us a square!!

My square! (I just got off the phone with Beth, so I promised I would draw her a square.)

Where we work!

2 girls in the other JV casa in Sacramento work at this school. 
4 seventh graders drew this!

Old Sacramento! (These pictures are from last weekend when it
wasn't crowded for Gold Rush Days. Add tons of people, some costumed performers, horses and buggies, and dirt roads, and that is what it looked like this weekend!)

Salt water taffy shop- take a free sample from every bucket!

The Sacramento Bridge! It is painted in gold.

Us and a few extra at the school in Loaves and Fishes!

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